Aide ton prochain

My Testimony.


With persecuted Christians. But let's not forget, let's bless Muslims.
Jesus tells us to bless them to meet him, choose Him and do not go into the fire! Acts 4
... 11Jesus is the stone rejected by you who build, And who became the chief of the corner.
There is no salvation in any other; for there is no other name
under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
Acts 17 ... God, without taking into account the times of ignorance, now announces to all men, everywhere, that they have to repent,
31 because he has set a day when he will judge the world in justice, by man whom he has appointed, which he has given to all a certain proof by raising him from the dead ...
…30. Dieu, sans tenir compte des temps d'ignorance, annonce maintenant à tous les hommes, en tous lieux, qu'ils aient à se repentir, 31. parce qu'il a fixé un jour où il jugera le monde selon la justice, par l'homme qu'il a désigné, ce dont il a donné à tous une preuve certaine en le ressuscitant des morts...

On December 10, 2015, I participated in a silent march in Geneva, organized by six of the largest organizations that support persecuted Christians. We are thirty brothers, equipped with a small Noune (the Arabic letter painted by Daesh on Christian homes) 2.2 x 2.7 cm, black on a brown background, glued to the chest. As at this time of year we are usually dressed in dark clothes ... This Noune was not seen at all because of its color and size.
 There were still two signs with a slightly larger Noune that improved better to see.
 Except that on the evening of December 10, at 8 pm, there was no one in the streets.
 Added to that, my frustration was complete.
Why wait, go down in the street, the day of the rights of the man, which exists only for the form in the official institutions?

I'm told: the devil does not want to make too much noise about it.

On December 15th I went to Ivory Coast for a 70-day mission.
 I rented a few days a studio in Abidjan. There was a sewing workshop in the building where Christian radio constantly walked with preaching and praise.
On December 17th, I ordered six large banners decorated with Nounes: three blacks in the color N or three white ones in the black N. Dimensions of the banners: 120 cm x 170 cm, with two ropes to hang on the windows of my apartment. Then I went to the north of the country.
 I had to go back to France on February 25th.
On February 20, returning from the north, I look for banners at the Christian seamstress's. What a surprise, instead of the crescent, with the five-pointed star seen on the minarets! I asked her to compare it with the model I had left her and there, she claimed fatigue. But I realized that the devil was scared of this project. She changed that and I went back to France with my banners.

On February 25th, when I came back, the first one chose to have my banners hang on the windows of my apartment. In front of one of the facades, there was a large chestnut tree whose foliage was going to Noune in the spring. But I thought: God willing, He can fix that.
Two days later, a 25-year-old who lives 300 meters away came to ask me what the flag means. His grandparents, who are asked to inquire. We shared about 40 minutes. Two days later, another neighbor came to inquire. My strategy paid off: the banners generated interest.

One Monday morning in March, I have an appointment with the mayor for another topic and after our interview he said to me with a surprised look: Ah! It was you who lived in the middle apartment, I thought it was young (while I was there for 10 years: he knew where I was staying!) And he continues: Several villagers wondered if he it was not an Islamic propaganda. So I went to take the pictures and sent them to the gendarmerie to investigate! They are very well equipped and said no! It is an Arabic letter that is their N, and it is a mark of support for the persecuted Christians, because the IS marks the homes of Christians with that N which means Nazarene in relation to Jesus of Nazareth.
Thus identified, dispossess them, rapes them or kills them as they see fit. Statistics show a Christian dies of persecution every 7 minutes in the world.
 I then said to the mayor: You are the authority in this village, so there is no problem:
if you ask me to remove it, I will do it on the champion. That's when he said, No, leave them!
 A few weeks later, returning home one evening, great surprise: the century-old chestnut, with a diameter of about 1m50, lay on the ground, broken by wind or lightning I do not know. I took some pictures. Do we believe at random? No, is not it?
Add to the first testimony, the experience this time in Switzerland, a few weeks ago, beginning of December 2017.
While my car was parked in Lausanne lately, a Sunday at the end of the day. Returning to her to take the road to Geneva, I see several policemen around my car! I run to them for not having pv. They stop me and I say: it's my car I did not park well! He said to me: We are here, because people have called us a little worried about the flag hanging on it! I had forgotten that I had hooked an N.
While I wanted to explain what the Nun wants to say, he cut me off to tell me: Yes we are inquiring and we think that it is rather a good thing. We immediately sympathized and it was an opportunity to testify.
Observation: Whether in Switzerland or France, the authorities are in favor!
It is very positive, in both countries the reaction and the same: The positive authority, the ignorant informed, a glaring opportunity to spread the gospel and the opportunity to inform and challenge the people on the persecution of Christians. And also, empowering Christians daily, who will see this flag, to enter the prayer every day.
There is too much coincidence: The falling tree, the authorities and the favorable population and the importance of informed in both countries! And always an opportunity to testify.
 I also told three pastors, one by one, of the evangelical network. All were positive and encouraged me.

Cover banners with the (N= Nazreen) facades of buildings throughout Switzerland

1) What I did in my French village can be done in Switzerland on a much larger scale.

2) Christians will be called to pray for their persecuted brothers and sisters by seeing the letter N every day in front of their eyes in the streets.

3) Non-Christians will ask questions: An opportunity to testify.

4) Switzerland could position itself in the face of the world, and I think it is the only country that can do it.

5) We would thus hasten the reign of Christ as He asks us. Should not we be witnesses to Jesus before the authorities and to the ends of the earth?
Christian brothers and sisters,
I need the support of your intercession!
I have already met several Christians in Geneva who have ordered banners to make them float in their windows.

But the support of churches and Christian organizations would help to spread the movement and organize it.
 Why be afraid of bans? There is freedom of expression, and objections are an opportunity to discuss. The example of my village is encouraging.


Guy Mattana:
Tel: 0033 450 958570/0033 695 49 09 67 /


Dimensions of the standards: 1 x 1.40 m / 60 cm x 45 cm.
But any other proposal will be considered.
I currently have sewing quotes made by our persecuted brothers in Ivory Coast and Europe.

(I have already received 100 banners: 1 x 1.40 cm / 60 cm x 45 cm)

Our brothers are persecuted every day of the year, not a day a year! Is not it,